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Day 2. Favourite to make. _My favourite hoop to stitch has to be my 'walking and talking'
Day 26. Why I do this. #marchmeetthemaker Erm...jpg

Welcome to Sew Sal!

About us.


Sew Sal produces fine hand embroidered pieces with the focused designs being their signature birds and floral patterns.

From the embroidery comes made to order hoop arts, textile embroidered ornaments, fabric prints, relaxing lavender bags, greetings cards and the joy of creating one off personalised works.

The person behind Sew Sal is Sally from Staffordshire.

Sally has a background in printed textiles and a love for all things delicate, cute and floral.

Her inspiration comes from flowers, floral antiques, and birds busying about.

She has her own colourful, cute style with her birds being her favourite thing to stitch.

All artwork is drawn, designed and hand embroidered by Sally.


Sew Sal's aim is to create joyful tactile items to be cherished everyday, gifted for yourself or a loved one.

We hope you find happiness in taking a look around Sew Sal.

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